Sleep - the magic behind achieving your goals

Sleep is the magic, little known ingredient that is essential to achieve most of the goals that you set for yourself, be they for losing weight, increasing athletic performance or building muscle. Apart from being the primary pillar in allowing us to function at our best and manage day to day stress, you can leverage sleep to quietly and steadily work for you through the wee small hours. Weight Loss Setting yourself up to allow your body to quietly and...

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UFC 225: Australia’s Robert Whittaker is planning to take home the belt once again.

UFC 225: Australia’s Robert Whittaker is planning to take home the belt once again.   ROBERT Whittaker is back and stronger than ever. His focus and raw power  will soon confirm him as Australia’s KO King. Whittaker Defending his UFC middleweight crown in Chicago on June 10 against Cuban monster Yoel Romero, and hopes to give him his first knockout loss inside an Octagon. Rob  has worked through a long recovery of health complications but is now back and...

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Rob Whittaker's Journey to Recovery

The Reaper Reaps Once More... UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker’s nickname “The Reaper” hides a talent that has largely been a secret from UFC audiences. Whittaker has been sidelined since withdrawing from a scheduled UFC 221 title defense against Luke Rockhold due to a nightmarish series of injuries and illnesses. Nutrition is a critical part of keeping a middleweight champion title. Fitness Meals has assisted with Rob's recovery, by keeping him energized, healthy and able to have family time. We...

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Building Mass – Intensity techniques

If you’re experiencing a plateau in your training it might be a good time to mix things up & try some NEGATIVE REPS.  The majority of damage done to the muscle, which in turn results in growth when resting, is done on the negative or lowering phase (eccentric phase, lengthening of the muscle) of the rep.  All too often we bust our butts lifting the weight only to drop the lowering phase too quickly. The eccentric phase should be executed...

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Robert Whittaker Defeats Derek Brunson!

Our very own Team Fitness Meals athlete Robert Whittaker has put the middleweight division on notice, after his sensational victory over Derek Brunson. Both middleweight fighters decided to throw caution to the wind in Melbourne on Sunday and went all in, in one of the most intense first rounds in UFC history. The action starts straight out of the gate, with Brunson launching into action, with explosive speed and strength, going for his signature first round KO. Brunson briefly backs...

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Static Stretching VS Dynamic Stretching – What helps & what hurts?

It’s a age old debate on which is better for you & when to do which, but it appears now with research & studies we have a much clearer answer. So firstly… What’s static stretching? And what’s dynamic stretching? Static stretching is a stretch held in a static (hence the name) position for a set amount of time. Dynamic stretching is essentially movements that stretches one or several muscles over a continuous movement. Which is best & when? So both have...

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Cardio for fat loss – When’s the best time to do it?

Today we go over the different times of the day, and the different scenarios to perform cardio for optimized weight-loss. Afternoon after eating carbohydrates This would have to be the least optimum time of the day to do cardio, as you’ll be more likely to burn carbohydrates as your energy source rather than liberating fat storage. If there is sufficient glycogen in the muscle the body will always use that before eating into fat stores. Afternoon after not eating carbohydrates during the day...

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Are you getting the most out of your Chest workout?

  The chest is an area that often tend to lag on a lot of physiques out there. The fact is the majority of guys struggle in this area, despite your best efforts after hours and hours of lifting in the gym. The question you should be really asking yourself is if your approach is too one dimensional. On top of that  you are probably making some common mistakes, like - Pressing through your triceps rather than squeezing through your...

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When to Go a Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet has been a hot topic for years. Some say it works great, while others say it only works for a few weeks or not at all. With the keto diet it’s typically used when the goal is based around losing body fat, but it can be used intermittently throughout the year depending on your goal. What’s the benefit if I don’t drop body fat? If you don’t drop body fat while doing the ketogenic diet, don’t worry...

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3 Simple Rules on Building Big Biceps

Biceps is the “showy muscle” that everyone wants. When someone says, show me your muscles… Most of the time a bicep is going to be flexed & shown. Here’s my big 3 rules on how to best develop some good biceps. Hit from a variety of angles & grips Hitting the biceps from different angles & using other grips is essential to building full biceps with no weak points. The most commonly underdeveloped potion of the bicep is the outer...

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