Dieting: Low Carb or Low Calorie?

Summer has now arrived, and for a lot of us it’s time for a quick shred before Christmas to get ourselves ready for the holidays! A lot of us will either decide to cut-out what we consider as ‘bad’ foods, or cut-down on our eating altogether. But do these strategies really work?  We look at two popular diet choices – the low calorie diet, and the low-carb diet to find out. Low-carb/Ketogenic: The popularity of the low-carbohydrate diet originates from...

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Robert Whittaker Defeats Derek Brunson!

Our very own Team Fitness Meals athlete Robert Whittaker has put the middleweight division on notice, after his sensational victory over Derek Brunson. Both middleweight fighters decided to throw caution to the wind in Melbourne on Sunday and went all in, in one of the most intense first rounds in UFC history. The action starts straight out of the gate, with Brunson launching into action, with explosive speed and strength, going for his signature first round KO. Brunson briefly backs...

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The Reason Why Whole Foods are Best

Now this is going to look like a massive plug for Fitness Meals… But before you tune out, it isn’t but it does support why whole food from the store or of course Fitness Meals is the best option. The Reason Okay so the #1 reason is due to crappy protein powders. You might think you know how to tell what a good protein contains and you know how to read labels, but what if what was on the label...

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Static Stretching VS Dynamic Stretching – What helps & what hurts?

It’s a age old debate on which is better for you & when to do which, but it appears now with research & studies we have a much clearer answer. So firstly… What’s static stretching? And what’s dynamic stretching? Static stretching is a stretch held in a static (hence the name) position for a set amount of time. Dynamic stretching is essentially movements that stretches one or several muscles over a continuous movement. Which is best & when? So both have...

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Cardio for fat loss – When’s the best time to do it?

Today we go over the different times of the day, and the different scenarios to perform cardio for optimized weight-loss. Afternoon after eating carbohydrates This would have to be the least optimum time of the day to do cardio, as you’ll be more likely to burn carbohydrates as your energy source rather than liberating fat storage. If there is sufficient glycogen in the muscle the body will always use that before eating into fat stores. Afternoon after not eating carbohydrates during the day...

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When to Go a Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet has been a hot topic for years. Some say it works great, while others say it only works for a few weeks or not at all. With the keto diet it’s typically used when the goal is based around losing body fat, but it can be used intermittently throughout the year depending on your goal. What’s the benefit if I don’t drop body fat? If you don’t drop body fat while doing the ketogenic diet, don’t worry...

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Is Alcohol preventing you from losing body fat?

Low body fat is one of the most sought after goals in fitness. We see numerous people working so hard every day in the gym (or not working that hard) trying to accomplish replacing body fat with muscle. One of the biggest misconceptions that we see is people thinking they need to work out as hard as they can and then go eat and drink whatever they want before and after. One of the most common speeches trainers and nutritionist...

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How Do Muscles Grow? Post-Workout & Rest

For anyone out there who trains in the gym, you know that lifting and training with weights will pack on the muscle mass but how do they actually grow? After you have finished your workout, your body begins to go through a phase where it starts to repair itself. The muscle fibres used during your workout repair themselves by connecting muscle fibres together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. The myofibrils do increase in thickness and number to...

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Toned Legs - Surpassing the Cliche 'Tone' and Creating Some Serious Shape!

  RULE 1 – TRAIN YOUR HARMSTRINGS Train your hamstrings as much as you train your quads. Perform the same number of sets for each. You don’t want over developed quads and puny hamstrings.   RULE 2 – DON’T NEGLECT YOUR CALVES Don’t neglect your calves. You may have beautifully sculpted thighs but you’ll look unbalanced without any calf definition. And you will be the constant mockery when you wear longer shorts of ‘skipping leg day’. Your calves are part...

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