Eat your Veggies! The Importance of a Balanced Diet

Since you were young, you were always told by your parents to “eat your vegetables” as they are healthy and nutritious. Now as we have gotten older, many of us began to understand the importance of including vegetables in our day to day diets. There are many health benefits that come along with having your daily intake of vegetables, such as: Vital for health and maintenance of your body. Low in fat and calories. None have cholesterol May reduce risk...

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  The word diet has a negative connotation attached to it. The definition of a diet is basically what your daily food consumption is like. Everyday we are bombarded with the media; magazines, tv, websites, social media showing us celebrities athletes and models all following a specific diet or new fad in order to ‘lose 10lbs quick.’ Many fitness professionals; coaches and competitors will encourage the fact that sustained weight loss is a slow process and that yo-yo dieting and...

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Meat & Nuts for Breakfast

It’s not the traditional eggs on toast with juice, cereal, or oats for breakfast, but the meat & nut breakfast has become increasingly more popular & with good reason. The meat & nut breakfast (or any sort of high fat & low/no carb breakfast) is something I implement in every nutrition plan I write for clients with only 1 exception for a client with a crazy metabolism. The high fat breakfast raises dopamine & acetyl-choline with will dramatically increase focus...

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Abs are Made in the Kitchen!

If you want abs you need to be planning and putting these 3 principles into practice   #1: Calorie Deficit And Meal Planning #2: Cardio Exercise #3: Ab Exercises   If you can follow these three points on a consistent basis, you see the obtaining a 6 pack for summer is within your reach.   Alright, what exactly is a calorie deficit?   The first thing that you need to do, is to adjust your diet. Why? You need to...

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How Do Muscles Grow? Post-Workout & Rest

For anyone out there who trains in the gym, you know that lifting and training with weights will pack on the muscle mass but how do they actually grow? After you have finished your workout, your body begins to go through a phase where it starts to repair itself. The muscle fibres used during your workout repair themselves by connecting muscle fibres together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. The myofibrils do increase in thickness and number to...

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