November 2018

Protein, Carbs & Running - How much do you really need?

A great deal has been written about protein recently but the jury still seems to be out on the ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrates someone who runs for exercise. I have had recent personal experience with maintaining largely carb-free eating (notice I didn’t say diet) that has indicated that the average person’s carbohydrate requirements are far lower than currently suggested. Fitness Meals' Berry Protein Yoghurt | Try it today. How much do you really need? Current thinking seems to indicate that...

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Swing into Summer with this easy Kettle-Bell workout

Kettle Bell Swings! The Kettle Bell Swing is a total-body movement that requires power, speed and balance, its one of the most well known kettle bell movements its also one of the most versatile and functional. The Kettle Bell Swing mainly targets the core muscles, hips, glutes and hamstrings, it also activates and strengthens your shoulders and lateral muscles, making for a total body workout like no other.   How to do a Kettle-bell Swing 1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a kettle...

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Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker Nickname: The Reaper Current Rank: Champion Middleweight Bio: Robert John Whittaker (born 20 December 1990) is an Australian professional mixed martial artist fighting out of Menai, Sydney. He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and is the current middleweight champion. A professional MMA competitor since 2009, Whittaker was a contestant on the first series of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes and won the welterweight tournament. Whittaker was previously interim middleweight champion after winning the title at...

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