Exclusive Insider workout routine revealed from Josh Lenartowicz!

Exclusive Insider workout routine revealed from Josh Lenartowicz!

Exclusive Insider workout routine revealed from Josh Lenartowicz!

There's no denying that building muscle takes nothing more than working hard and eating well but for most of us it just isn't that simple. Josh Lenartowicz, Australia's highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder, has been kind enough to share with us his King of the Gym Training System. It is designed for quick and consistent muscle growth to get you jacked and shredded no time.


Two week rep variations or TWRV is where you stay at the same rep range for two weeks before moving on to a lower rep range for 2 weeks. This is an 8 week system and I want the reps to start at 12 for two weeks then move on.

It is designed as follows:

Weeks 1 and 2= all exercises 12 reps

Weeks 3 and 4= all exercises 10 reps

Weeks 5 and 6= all exercises 8 reps

Weeks 7 and 8= all exercises 6 reps



This is a part where confusion is made from a lot of coaches and trainers toward their clients so let’s explain how the body adapts to build muscle -It takes one overload set to create an intracellular response for adaption and growth of the muscle, not two or three overload sets just one but you also need many warm up sets also known as building sets to reach your target weight for your overload set so you can connect with your working muscles and protect your joints. The amount of building sets you need is completely individual, my advice is to start as light as you can on each new exercise and increment up by 10-20 percent of your maximum weight for that rep range, for example; if my maximum on a benchpress was 100kgs for 10 rep i would increment up in weight on my warm up/building sets as follows

Set 1-20kg for 10 reps

Set 2-40kgs for 10 reps

Set 3-60kgs for 10 reps

Set 4-80kgs for 10 reps

Set 5-100kgs for 10 reps max, I may get out an extra 2 reps or I may fall 2 reps short of 10.

The above is just an example. On days I’m connected to my body I may increment up faster and days I haven’t slept well or eaten correctly to recover from my previous workouts I would do many more building sets so I can connect with my body to prevent injury.

IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowicz


Increase strength which in turn will increase overload and build muscle, so long as you train correctly with correct form, time under tension, not locking out or pausing through any set, constant tension for the rep range you're going through, speed of movement should be 3-4 seconds on the negative 2-3 seconds on the positive.


Only record your last set, each week you should be aiming to beat that set and you will because the reps lower every two weeks giving you more energy for each exercise to be better and stronger, this creates an overload and growth is made, don't try and go too heavy, it's all a progression and slow progress is progress, just be your best by a couple kgs each time you come into the gym, think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Over time you will have progressed that far without injury that you will amaze yourself. You can achieve this so just stick to the plan and remember what the mind perceives and believes it also achieves, tough in the mind is tough in the body.





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