Volume and Recovery

Volume and Recovery


When planning your next block of training whether it be for strength, muscle growth or power you will need to carefully balance volume with the increase of strength & recovery times.

Being a natural athlete I know from experience I need extra recovery time during the last few weeks of my training programs. There has to be a trade off between the amount of weight I am lifting & the volume & frequency of the workouts otherwise I will lead into an overtrained state. Signs that you may need more recovery/less volume are; sleeplessness, not wanting to train, loss of hunger & lack of strength.


If you’re feeling somewhat sluggish you may need to back off the amount of sets &/or training days you are completing to help you keep your strength up. Follow a proper nutrition plan & eat as much natural, unprocessed foods where possible, such as what Fitness Meals can provide for you. Aim for 8-9 hour sleep per night & drink plenty of water.

Listen to your body. Train hard but train smart.

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