8 Early Morning Tips with Brittany Bloomer

8 Early Morning Tips with Brittany Bloomer

Whether you're an early riser or like to hit the snooze button on the regular, these morning rituals will help you feel that extra bit chirpier than the birds outside.

1. Distance yourself from your phone 

From the moment you wake up; choose to disconnect yourself from your phone. There will be plenty more hours in the day that require you to be on your phone, so keep this moment to invest in yourself and prepare for the day.

2. Stretch

While you're still in bed, do the classic big morning stretch, it will get blood flowing & feels real good too!

Woman Stretching in Her Bed. A Girl waking up in The Morning

3. Detox

Drink warm water with either 3 tsps of Apple Cider or fresh lemon or Warm Water & some fresh lemon. This beverage reduces blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and can aid in detoxing your body through flushing out the digestive system by providing a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, Vitamin C and pectic fibre.

4. Meditation

Whether you are into meditating or not, it is a great way to start the day in a relaxed head space. If you are new to this, it can be as simple as going onto YouTube, and searching 'Morning Meditation', and closing your eyes and listening to the guided meditation. You can even opt to meditate in the shower!

5. Morning Training

Training is a great way to start the day. I always make sure I have something in my stomach 45 minutes before I train. My favourite Fitness Meals morning pre-workout snack is the Fitness Meals ‘Clean Treat Factory Protein Balls'.

6. Music

Play your favourite up-lifting playlist, whether it’s to motivate you, to train, or just feel good music. You will be surprised by the powerful positive influence music can have on your mood.

7. Morning Breakfast

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.19.35 am Fitness Meals - Big Breakfast

If you are not doing any high intensity training, or just doing a slow paced walk to work; I would recommend trying a Fitness Meals Protein Yoghurt & Muesli serving (comes in Mango & Strawberry). But If you prefer more of a savoury option, you can go for the larger Fitness Meals Breakfast options like, Lean Breakfast (the vegetarian option; Egg White, Protein Bread & Tomato Relish), or The Big Breakfast (same same as Lean Breakfast, but with chicken sausages included).

8. Water

Keep smashing the water!! Water heals everything.

By starting your morning in a positive mindset & choosing to feed your body with healthy nutritious food, you will notice a big shift in not only how you feel, but how you look too! It is a known fact that the healthier you eat, the better you'll feel. You only have one body in this life-time, so why not treat it like a temple and give it the love it deserves!

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