Aerated Beverages - A great way to stay full and lose weight at the same time!

Aerated Beverages - A great way to stay full and lose weight at the same time!

The key to losing fat is perseverance; particularly in controlling hunger and maintaining a consistent diet. Most people struggle with hunger management and will end up satisfying their cravings. This article will discuss a simple trick used by many athletes that can satisfy hunger without the consumption of any food.

This might sound a little too easy, but a great way to increase your feeling of fullness is to simply add air to any drink you have.

The American Journal of Nutrition performed an interesting study where researchers tested the effects that aerating beverages had on people's hunger. 18 individuals consumed breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a lab one day a week for four weeks. On three of the days, these subjects received a beverage 30 minutes before lunch.

Equally sized beverages were aerated for different times creating a 300ml, 450ml and 600ml beverage. The subjects who drank the 600 mL beverages ate 12% less in the subsequent meal compared to subjects with lower volume beverages. They also reported feeling fuller and more satisfied overall. The 450 mL beverages had a similar effect, but on a smaller scale.

Try it for yourself. It works best with thicker beverages such as smoothies, protein shakes or even milk. Just take your drink and blend it for a few minutes to increase its volume. You will feel satisfied for longer and won't be tempted by the unhealthy nasties lurking in your pantry.


By Xavier Wills

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