How to SMASH through a plateau with these different intensity techniques

How to SMASH through a plateau with these different intensity techniques

Plateaus are something we’re all faced with at one point or another whether it’s with fat loss, gaining skeletal muscle or increasing strength. If you’ve attempted any of these for any extended period of time you’ll know the results aren’t just linear.

But how do you break through these plateaus if your muscle gains have come to a stand still? Using these intensity techniques listed below will go a long way to break your plateau.

Triple Drop Sets after every exercise after your initial compound/heavy movement

Perform your first heavy compound exercise for a particular body part i.e. Bench Press for chest or Shoulder Press for deltoids. Then after every other exercise, on the last set, put a weight on that you can perform a hard 10 reps of. Once you’ve completed your set, drop the weight by approximately 30% and immediately perform another 10, & then repeat that for 1 more set of 10.

Rest-Pause with a twist

Perform Movements with super slow negatives (4-5seconds) for a hard 10 reps. Rest for 10 seconds & then perform the same exercise but with only a 1-2 second negative. Just ensure the movement is still controlled.

Negative reps involve performing a weight movement in only the down or muscle-lengthening phase and then having a spotter assist for the other half of the rep. For instance; if you were to do a negative rep on a bench press, you would lower the bar on your own and be assisted pushing it back up.

Super High Reps followed by heavier sets

This one only works for more isolated type movements. You perform your first working set by doing 30-50 reps which should give you a good pump from the get go and fill the target body part with blood, then thereafter go heavy for 8-12 reps & you’ll notice you’ll feel the muscle in a different way compared to normal.


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