4 keys to Gain Muscle & Simultaneously Lose Body Fat

4 keys to Gain Muscle & Simultaneously Lose Body Fat

When I ask my clients what their physique goals are, a vast majority will respond with “I want to lose body fat and add muscle”. Due to the popularity of this fitness objective, I’ve decided to share a few helpful tips on how this can be achieved.

  1. Switch your energy sources

Calorie restricted diets have a tendency to hit plateau’s. This is because your body is always seeking homeostasis (state of stable equilibrium) through adjusting your metabolism or thyroid hormone production to achieve a comfortable level of body fat. This essentially means that as your body adjusts to your diet, you will start to plateau. By switching your energy source on a weekly/fortnightly basis, your body cannot rely solely on your diet for energy and is forced to use reserve energy (body fat) to rebuild muscle.

  1. Don’t shock your system

When you increase your calorie intake after having a calorie-restricted diet, it is important to increase gradually. This is because during calorie restriction, your metabolism is slowed to an almost survival-like state, meaning that if you shock your system with a large portion of calories you can risk blowing out without recovering your metabolism.

  1. Don’t be afraid to bump up the intensity

Adding cardio to your workout is a widely agreed upon way to lose body fat, as it raises your heart rate, which aids in fat loss. If cardio isn’t your style, you can simulate its fat cutting affect by doing more high-intensity exercises that will raise your heart rate. Some exercises to consider are drop-sets, super sets or reduced intermission workouts.

  1. You don’t always need post workout carbs

It was previously believed that post-workout carbs are essential in muscle growth. This isn’t totally true. Having carbs after a workout will spike insulin levels and increase nutrient absorption, which will only indirectly assist in muscle growth. Recent research has shown that you’re MTOR (Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin) enzymes play a crucial role in regulating cell growth. So in order to stimulate your MTOR I would recommend consuming fast releasing proteins straight after workouts.


By Xavier Wills

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