Tips to Control your Hunger

Tips to Control your Hunger

They may seem obvious, but applying these simple tricks can help you to identify if you're mistaking emotional hunger, thirst or boredom for genuine hunger.

Have a drink

Preferably water, or tea. You can make your drink more flavoursome by adding BCAAs or electrolyte drinks, but try to avoid any sugar-laden cordials. Coffee can work, but use it in moderation to avoid developing a caffeine tolerance, as this will lead to other caffeine based supplements or beverages having a diminished effect on you.

Change your surroundings

If you’re spending a lot of time sat at a desk or in an office space, your brain might be tricking your body into thinking its hungry in an effort to change its environment and gain new sources of stimulation. Going for a walk or just getting some fresh air may be all you need to satisfy this false hunger.

Eat slower

Inhaling your meals can trick your body into thinking it’s still hungry when it really isn’t. When you consume too quickly your body isn’t being given enough time to digest and communicate to your brain that you are well nourished and satisfied.


Reduce distraction while eating

This includes TV, mobile phones, eating on the go or engaging in other activities that require your attention. The reason for doing this is to make both your brain and body aware that you are being fed. This will help to stop emotional hunger resulting from your brain not registering that you have eaten.

Drink plenty of water

Sometimes you may think you are hungry when actually your body is becoming dehydrated. Drinking water while you eat will also aid digestion while it fills you up.

Eat food that you enjoy

If you enjoy what you eat you are going to feel more satisfied after your meal. If you don’t enjoy your food, you will begin craving a flavoursome sensation in your mouth even if your body has been fed.

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