March 2017

Aerated Beverages - A great way to stay full and lose weight at the same time!

The key to losing fat is perseverance; particularly in controlling hunger and maintaining a consistent diet. Most people struggle with hunger management and will end up satisfying their cravings. This article will discuss a simple trick used by many athletes that can satisfy hunger without the consumption of any food. This might sound a little too easy, but a great way to increase your feeling of fullness is to simply add air to any drink you have. The American Journal...

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How to SMASH through a plateau with these different intensity techniques

Plateaus are something we’re all faced with at one point or another whether it’s with fat loss, gaining skeletal muscle or increasing strength. If you’ve attempted any of these for any extended period of time you’ll know the results aren’t just linear. But how do you break through these plateaus if your muscle gains have come to a stand still? Using these intensity techniques listed below will go a long way to break your plateau. Triple Drop Sets after every...

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4 keys to Gain Muscle & Simultaneously Lose Body Fat

When I ask my clients what their physique goals are, a vast majority will respond with “I want to lose body fat and add muscle”. Due to the popularity of this fitness objective, I’ve decided to share a few helpful tips on how this can be achieved. Switch your energy sources Calorie restricted diets have a tendency to hit plateau’s. This is because your body is always seeking homeostasis (state of stable equilibrium) through adjusting your metabolism or thyroid hormone...

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How to Avoid Losing your Gains During a Break Period

Most of us will take time off training at some point. This may be due to an injury, illness, holiday or a number of other reasons. During these break periods, people tend to get worried that they’ll lose all their gains because they think there’s no way to maintain gains without training. This mindset can lead to a slippery slope of discouragement and may cause some to extend their break or even give up altogether. This article is here to...

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Tips to Control your Hunger

They may seem obvious, but applying these simple tricks can help you to identify if you're mistaking emotional hunger, thirst or boredom for genuine hunger. Have a drink Preferably water, or tea. You can make your drink more flavoursome by adding BCAAs or electrolyte drinks, but try to avoid any sugar-laden cordials. Coffee can work, but use it in moderation to avoid developing a caffeine tolerance, as this will lead to other caffeine based supplements or beverages having a diminished...

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