The Magic of Green Tea

The Magic of Green Tea

The Magic of Green Tea!

Green tea, or as it’s commonly called ‘health potion’ may actually be one of the rare health drinks that lives up to its large health claims.

Made from the soaking the leaves of camellia sinensis in really hot water for a few minutes, some say it has systemic health properties by positively affecting every organ system in the body. It’s known to be heart protective, artery clearing, liver protective, cancer fighting, anti-diabetic, and even fat burning.


Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, but it also contains chemicals like theobromine, which is great for heart health by reducing blood pressure. It also has theophylline, which relaxes the airways and stimulates the heart just a little bit. After everything’s all said and done, it has a mild stimulatory effect, just nowhere near as savage as coffee. It also has mild anti-anxiety effects.

Hasta la vista body fat Hasta la vista body fat

But wait… You said it burns fat? Yep!

Green tea is known to have modest fat burning and metabolism raising properties. It also is known to be carb blocking. So basically when all these properties are combined its turns your body into a (modestly) vicious, love handle emulsifying, cellulite burning, fat destroying, metabolic furnace.
Sadly, some of the fat-burning effects might be lost a little if you already smash down tons of caffeine (i.e., you’re a coffee snob).
So, how does this all work then? Well, the fat burning chemical is epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG. One cup of the fresh brew contains about 50 mg., but you need about 400 to 500 mg. to activate any of the above fat burning affects. So, if you have a close by bathroom, by all means, put down 8-10 cups. Or if you don’t, there’s plenty of green tea extract supplements on the market that give the same EGCG’s without the liquid aspect.
BONUS TIP! To strengthen the fat-burning response, drink your tea with some fish oil.


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