3 things you’re not doing to cut body fat

3 things you’re not doing to cut body fat

1. Use high intensity resistance training

Try reducing your rest between sets to 30-40 seconds instead of the standard 1-2mins most people tend to have. Also incorporate super sets, drop sets & giant sets to bump up the intensity.

If maintaining muscle is a priority to maintain strength perform 1-2 compound movements at the beginning of your workout with rests around the 1min period.


5x lying leg curls (20, 15, 15, 12, 10 reps) – 40secs rest
4x squats (12-6 reps) – 1-2min rest
3x heals together with toes out leg press (20 reps) -40secs rest
3x walking lunges (30, 26, 20 steps) – 40secs rest
3x leg extensions supersetted with sissy squats (30 reps + 10 reps) – 40secs rest
3x stiff-legged deadlifts (12reps) 30secs rest

2. Switch up your cardio

Doing countless hours of low intensity cardio might not be for you, as high intensity cardio might not be as well. If you’re only doing one or the other you may be missing out.

Are you doing hours of low intensity cardio each week & not losing body fat? It may be because in some cases low intensity cardio can slow your metabolism long term. For example when you’re in a calorie restricted state you’re body will go into survival mode & it’ll try to get better at hoarding body fat by slowing your metabolism i.e. lowing T3 serum levels. So mixing things up and adding in high intensity interval cardio into your plan may be beneficial as the affects on the metabolism are minimal in comparison.

On the other hand if you’re only doing high intensity cardio then your body might be over secreting cortisol from too much stress on the body, which may be also affecting your adrenals. If this is the case you’re body will resist dropping body fat & it will be hard to gain or maintain muscle. If this might be the case replace at least a few of your high intensity session with 30-40min of fasted cardio with a walk outside.

3. Change your energy sources

A common mistake while dieting & trying to cut body fat is the people stick to the same foods & more particularly the same energy sources. Changing from a high fat/low carb diet, to a moderate carb/low fat diet & vise versa can be extremely beneficial for a few reasons outlined below…

Switching to a higher fat plan will restore insulin sensitivity, which means your body will respond better to carbohydrates with better absorption & a lower secretion of insulin. So when/if you decide to switch back to higher carb plan you should respond better.

Switching the energy source up in general if in a calorie deficit will shock the body back into fat loss if you’ve hit a plateau.

Also after switching a few times you’ll start to learn your own body better & whether one way works better than the other for you.

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