Robert Whittaker Defeats Derek Brunson!

Robert Whittaker Defeats Derek Brunson!

Our very own Team Fitness Meals athlete Robert Whittaker has put the middleweight division on notice, after his sensational victory over Derek Brunson.

Both middleweight fighters decided to throw caution to the wind in Melbourne on Sunday and went all in, in one of the most intense first rounds in UFC history.

The action starts straight out of the gate, with Brunson launching into action, with explosive speed and strength, going for his signature first round KO.

Brunson briefly backs Whittaker against the cage, but Rob quickly regains his composure and shows class defence in the wake of Brunsons rushing assault.

Robert Whittaker Post Fight Interview - UFC Fight Night 101 Source : UFC/Zuffa LLC

The insanely fast paced round nears its end as Rob lands a precise left punch to face, stopping Brunson in his tracks followed by a powerful kick to the head and a flurry of upper cuts, dropping Brunson as Rob moves in for the finish. Referee Herb Dean steps in to end the carnage.

The fight lasted just 4 minutes and 7 seconds, ending in the first of five rounds. In this short amount of time, Whittaker and Brunson threw a combined 108 strikes, that’s almost 1 every 2 seconds!

This is Robert’s 6th victory in a row (5th since moving to the middle weight division).
At only 25 years old, Robert has a bright future ahead of him. And considering his dominating winning streak and spectacular performance over Derek Brunson, we think it’s about time that he is given a shot at a top five bout in the middle weight division.

We are proud to have been with Robert through his journey, and look forward for what the future holds!

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