The Reason Why Whole Foods are Best

The Reason Why Whole Foods are Best

Now this is going to look like a massive plug for Fitness Meals… But before you tune out, it isn’t but it does support why whole food from the store or of course Fitness Meals is the best option.

The Reason

Okay so the #1 reason is due to crappy protein powders. You might think you know how to tell what a good protein contains and you know how to read labels, but what if what was on the label wasn’t exactly was what’s in the product? Well that’s the case for many popular protein powders if recent testing is anything to go by stated in a study published by a South African pharmacy Dischem (below images).

The biggest name product the came in well under was BPI’s Whey HD, which came back 44.38% under labels claims.

Amino Spiking

The other issue is with “amino spiking”, this is where the protein my match up to label claims, but less of the protein sources (i.e. whey, casein etc…) is added & it’s topped up with cheaper amino acids to make the product cheaper.

At the end of the day if you have a product from a brand that has a good record & you trust, then shakes are a good meal replacement option.

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