Are you getting the most out of your Chest workout?

Are you getting the most out of your Chest workout?


The chest is an area that often tend to lag on a lot of physiques out there. The fact is the majority of guys struggle in this area, despite your best efforts after hours and hours of lifting in the gym.

The question you should be really asking yourself is if your approach is too one dimensional. On top of that  you are probably making some common mistakes, like -

  • Pressing through your triceps rather than squeezing through your pecs
  • Too much shoulder involvement
  • Moving the weight from A to B instead of focusing on tension
  • Using the same angles



Here’s how to fix that!


When you push the weight rather than "press" it imagine you are tensing your pecs to push the weight away. The difference in "feel" you experience should be noticeable within a matter of reps. This also relates to TENSION. Focus on tensing, tensing and tensing rather than moving that weight from A to B.


Are you pushing your front portion of your shoulder into the pressing motion? Also, are you letting the weight come too far down so you are pushing through your shoulder? Keep your back PINNED to the bench, shoulders back and push through your chest cavity. Don't come so far down that your shoulders are loaded too much, involving them excessively.



If you want to build size rather than strength/power then stop using the flat bench as an ego lift and start doing more incline pressing. This is my favored angle to really bring your chest up because you never see someone with a weak chest, but with good upper chest development.


Pro - TIP

You also need to MAKE SURE you are using different rep ranges and training volumes, doing the same thing week in week out wont be effective long term. It is undeniably the quickest way to bring up a weaker muscle group.

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