Trusting Your Gut

Trusting Your Gut

Having good digestion is such an integral part to health and wellness - but often overlooked as it is difficult sometimes for us to really understand something that is internal. Compared to an exterior wound, where you can visually see the damage or the problem, making a diagnosis for problems we have inside the body is somewhat more challenging.
Numerous people struggle with digestive issues, and these can be amplified during or after preparing for a competition, especially when we overlook our own general health for a more tangible goal - such as first place. And we get it, going hard and dieting strictly gets results, but it’s recommended you try fix your digestion prior to a prep, as the strict or abnormal dieting styles can exacerbate an already problematic system. Take care of your gut! When it’s healthy, it will work better and absorb and utilise more of the food you are taking in.

By becoming an expert on and better understanding your own body and knowing what your weak-points and hurdles are, you will understand where you can make changes to most effectively accommodate your own body.

Remember that everyone is different, and cookie cutter advice does not work for everything!
As an example from my experiences with MY body and IBS during prep:

A lot of comp diets will have you eating high fiber; thinking it will help with “frequency”. For me personally, excess fibre poses a huge problem which is compounded with my lower threshold for (some) high fructose products, sugary alcohols and other hippie snacks.

My personal tweaks for my OWN body during comp include eliminating the problem food for a short while during flare ups, and slowly reintroducing them. This helped with my energy levels and stomach irritation.
For the associated bloating, I used Enteric Coated Peppermint Oil Capsules, this was the most effective at calming and soothing my gut. Fish Oils also helped with the inflammation, especially with a low fat diet.unnamed-4




So many people will want to win at any cost, and have more interest in the shows than taking care of their health. Although it's not your responsibility to change these people's perception, you can most certainly show them a better way by applying taking care of your own health and diet. There will always be shows, and there will always be a time to compete. And when you do decide to compete, you will understand your body at a much deeper level, know how to manage it in a controlled manner, and be in tune with yourself, rather than resent what you don’t understand; which can lead to many other issues.

Go with your Gut.

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