When to Go a Ketogenic Diet

When to Go a Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet has been a hot topic for years. Some say it works great, while others say it only works for a few weeks or not at all.

With the keto diet it’s typically used when the goal is based around losing body fat, but it can be used intermittently throughout the year depending on your goal.

What’s the benefit if I don’t drop body fat?
If you don’t drop body fat while doing the ketogenic diet, don’t worry you still may be benefiting a great deal still from the diet… How you ask? Well with the increase in fats the body becomes much more efficient at using fats as an energy source, so when carbs are eventually introduced you’ll be in a glycogen depleted state where your muscle will use insulin more efficiently.

So all in all you’ll secrete less insulin and when introducing carbs back into the diet you’ll get better nutrient uptake PLUS you will not have as many issues with gaining or struggling to lose body fat (depending on your goal).

When should YOU use it?
Let me give you 2 good situation when you should use a keto diet.

When your cravings are BAD!

Cravings are normal in a calorie restricted state, but when on a low/moderate carb diet cravings can be made worse by including carbs as with the insulin & serotonin secretion for carbs it will generally make you crave worse.

When you hit a weight loss plateau

When dropping body fat it isnt always a drop in calories you need, sometimes you need to trick your body by giving it a different energy source & re-sensitizing your body to insulin again. This will lead to more than just weight loss and benefits while using the ketogenic diet, but also for the weeks following.


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