3 Simple Rules on Building Big Biceps

3 Simple Rules on Building Big Biceps

Biceps is the “showy muscle” that everyone wants. When someone says, show me your muscles… Most of the time a bicep is going to be flexed & shown.

Here’s my big 3 rules on how to best develop some good biceps.

Hit from a variety of angles & grips

Hitting the biceps from different angles & using other grips is essential to building full biceps with no weak points. The most commonly underdeveloped potion of the bicep is the outer bicep (Bicep Brachialis) which is easily hit with a hammer grip movement like dumbbell hammer curls.

Use different points of flexion

I like to hit the biceps from different points of flexion… For example, combining incline dumbbell curls with the elbows behind the body & preacher curls with the elbows well in front of the body. This will properly develop the upper & lower insertion points of the bicep.

Don’t go too light

Sometimes gym-goers tend to think with smaller body parts you should go lighter & “squeeze” more. There is room for these types of tempos & techniques, but heavier barbell curls with correct form is great for building big biceps. Move on to the lighter, isolation type exercises to increase maximum blood flow at the end of the workout.



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