Thick Skin and the Fitness Industry

Thick Skin and the Fitness Industry

The Fitness Industry likes you to have a nice lean tight frame. They don’t tell you the importance of thick skin though. You GOTTA have thick skin. Whether you compete or model; you will be compared, and likely picked apart from your physique. Maybe your butt’s not perky enough, you’re not lean enough, your tan is bad, someone else is more symmetrical that you, maybe you dieted too much, maybe they don’t like your look. The point is, you are entering this industry to be judged. The people judging this will all have different preferences that they view as ‘winning’ or ‘successful’. Just like we all see colours differently, criteria can be subjective.

Similarly to acting, or theatre, you will audition for a particular role, and this process can be very difficult. Every director is looking for something different, it may even be how you gel with a team or another role already cast.

Don’t take rejection too personally. Just get up, and try again. Ask for feedback and use it constructively to work on whatever package you bring next time. Work on your weak points and improve your strengths even more. Most judges are happy to give you feedback if you ask nicely and don’t bombard them with multiple questions; they may have many other competitors contacting them as well. Use the rejection for motivation. Make a new game plan and work towards new goals. Practice even more than you did last time, make sure your performance is seamless. Take your rejection well. Nobody likes the feeling of rejection, but you will not be the only one. Act classy and stay humble, attitude or negativity is never well received. It is unprofessional. Do not create a bad reputation for acting ungrateful because you didn’t ‘agree’ with the judges. If you feel very emotional about the result, wait to express it in another way in solitude or someone who understands your need to vent. Finally, you should know what you are getting yourself into when you enter a competition/ casting.

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