September 2016

How Do Muscles Grow? Post-Workout & Rest

For anyone out there who trains in the gym, you know that lifting and training with weights will pack on the muscle mass but how do they actually grow? After you have finished your workout, your body begins to go through a phase where it starts to repair itself. The muscle fibres used during your workout repair themselves by connecting muscle fibres together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. The myofibrils do increase in thickness and number to...

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Toned Legs - Surpassing the Cliche 'Tone' and Creating Some Serious Shape!

  RULE 1 – TRAIN YOUR HARMSTRINGS Train your hamstrings as much as you train your quads. Perform the same number of sets for each. You don’t want over developed quads and puny hamstrings.   RULE 2 – DON’T NEGLECT YOUR CALVES Don’t neglect your calves. You may have beautifully sculpted thighs but you’ll look unbalanced without any calf definition. And you will be the constant mockery when you wear longer shorts of ‘skipping leg day’. Your calves are part...

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3 Simple Ways to Avoid & Protect Injuries in The Gym

We’ve all seen the gym fail videos on YouTube, which generally shows horrible form being used, which is perfect for obtaining an injury, but you don’t always have to use horrible form to get an injury. Here’s 3 great tips for avoiding injuries at the gym. 1) Warm up properly It sounds pretty basic, but the amount of people & techniques people use to warm-up doesn’t always make sense for the exercise their doing. I see many people in the...

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The Secret To Great ABS

If you want abs you need to be planning and putting these 3 principles into practice #1: Calorie Deficit And Meal Planning #2: Cardio Exercise #3: Ab Exercises If you can follow these three points on a consistent basis, you see the obtaining a 6 pack for summer is within your reach. “Alright, what exactly is a calorie deficit?” The first thing that you need to do, is to adjust your diet. Why? You need to get rid of the...

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