5 Workout structure tips for Crazy Muscle Growth!

5 Workout structure tips for Crazy Muscle Growth!

Most people hit the gym every day around the world typically in the pursuit of a few goals, either it’s Muscle Hypertrophy (Growth), Fat Loss, Increased Strength, or a combination of a few of these. Today we’re going to cover Muscle Hypertrophy & how to design the ideal workout.

1 - Use dynamic stretching & avoid static stretching pre workout

Use dynamic stretching (stretching with movement) to avoid the strength loss associated with static stretching (hold a static stretch in one position).

2 - Start with a heavy compound movement.

A compound movement is classed as an exercise that incorporates more than just the target body part. These movements you’re typically much stronger on & you’re able to place more resistance on the muscle, which will lead to increased muscle growth. Stick to 5-12 reps increasing weight each set.

3 - As the workout continues increase your rep range to 8-12 reps.

Keep the weight high while still trying to get enough reps to begin to fatigue to target muscle. Compound movements can still be used on the next couple of exercises.

4 - Hit the muscle from different angles & hand positions

Ensure on for example a chest workout you hit at least one lower, upper & overall pectoral movement to ensure you recruit muscle fibers from the entire chest.

5 - Engorge the muscle with blood!

On your last exercise use either a higher rep range, drop sets, supersets, or any other technique to up the intensity and workload to force maximum amount of blood into the muscle, which can stretch the fascia, which can lead to muscle gains.

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