Meat & Nuts for Breakfast

Meat & Nuts for Breakfast

It’s not the traditional eggs on toast with juice, cereal, or oats for breakfast, but the meat & nut breakfast has become increasingly more popular & with good reason.
The meat & nut breakfast (or any sort of high fat & low/no carb breakfast) is something I implement in every nutrition plan I write for clients with only 1 exception for a client with a crazy metabolism.
The high fat breakfast raises dopamine & acetyl-choline with will dramatically increase focus which is great for not only your training, but also for day to day living.
Another benefit is that it can improve insulin sensitivity, when you eat fats for breakfast you’ll deplete muscle glycogen, so when you do introduce carbs later in the day your body will use the insulin that’s secreted more efficiently, which means your body won’t over-secrete insulin.

  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces cravings
  • More stable energy levels
  • Increases focus


Breakfast Examples:

  • Salmon, Mixed Nuts & Greens/mixed veggies.
  • Teriyaki Beef Strips, Mixed Nuts & Greens/mixed veggies.
  • Beef Strips, Mixed Nuts & Greens/mixed veggies.
  • Beef Mince, Mixed Nuts & Greens/mixed veggies.
  • Tandoori/Butter Chicken , Mixed Nuts & Greens/mixed veggies.


Other options for add-ons…

Berries, grapefruit & avocado.


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