3 Simple Ways to Avoid & Protect Injuries in The Gym

3 Simple Ways to Avoid & Protect Injuries in The Gym

We’ve all seen the gym fail videos on YouTube, which generally shows horrible form being used, which is perfect for obtaining an injury, but you don’t always have to use horrible form to get an injury. Here’s 3 great tips for avoiding injuries at the gym.

1) Warm up properly

It sounds pretty basic, but the amount of people & techniques people use to warm-up doesn’t always make sense for the exercise their doing. I see many people in the gym doing 5mins on the bike to “warm-up” then move straight over to the bench press and put there 10 rep max on the bar and try to rep it out.

2) Use Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching as appose to static stretching will increase blood flow to the specific muscle that’s about to be trained.

3) Warming Up

2-3 warm-up sets should be performed using your first exercise on each muscle group you’re about to train, which will improve mind-muscle connection and avoid injuries.


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