The Secret To Great ABS

The Secret To Great ABS

If you want abs you need to be planning and putting these 3 principles into practice

#1: Calorie Deficit And Meal Planning
#2: Cardio Exercise
#3: Ab Exercises

If you can follow these three points on a consistent basis, you see the obtaining a 6 pack for summer is within your reach.

“Alright, what exactly is a calorie deficit?”

The first thing that you need to do, is to adjust your diet. Why? You need to get rid of the fat that surrounds your muscles so your abs can be seen, in order to do this, you need to create a calorie deficit in your daily nutritional intake.

So if your maintenance calories are 2800 daily which are then made up of Protein/carbs/fats you need to reduce your total calorie intake below 2800 this can be done very slowly or drastically depending on your goal.

Cardio everyone's love cardio right?!

This is defendant on your starting weight and calorie intake but typically doing steady state 30-45mins with burn 200- 300 calories or HIIT cardio 15-20mins with burn 200- 300 calories. This assists in the reducing your daily total calorie intake... Calories in Calories out

Ab Exercises

The next thing you want to do is exercise your abs. Now, you don't have to do 500 sit ups every day to get the desired results. This is a thing of the past. What you want to do is stimulate your abs for growth- Not Annihilate.

I suggest that you try and train your abs about two to three times per week. Abs are just like any other body part that you want to build. Like any other body part, you want to fully stimulate the abdominal area. So remember to contract the abs and really squeeze the abs muscles during the movement.

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