The Secret to Getting Results

The Secret to Getting Results

Want to know the secret to getting results?!



Yep. That’s it right there. That’s your ‘magic pill’ or ‘secret recipe’ to getting the results you have always wanted.

Many people think they are consistent, when they’re not. When the progress they desire doesn’t come about, they will look elsewhere to blame. And this is where we see fad diets and short- term trendy ways of training protocols.

A great place to start is writing down everything. Your weight and measurements, how you feel, your workout, your diet, vitamins you take, how much sleep. Etc. Hold yourself accountable.

If you are training for progressive overload, bringing a small training notebook to the gym can help you record your progress. You can look back on previous workouts and reflect on ways to improve in your next session; whether this is lifting heavier, running further, or increasing reps. Any progress is good progress!

Tracking your diet may highlight some areas you can tighten up on or make some changes which you could have missed. Macro counting is a great tool to understand how you split your food across carbs protein and fat, and overall calorie consumption. MyFitnessPal is a really good app to use, with a huge library of foods to choose from. Although I don’t recommend living your everyday life tracking food on a mobile app, it is a good tool to understand the food you eat and what your nutritional needs/ goals may be.

Most of my training plans will revolve around compound movements. These, in my opinion, are the fundamentals to any solid training plan and will set you up for other smaller isolated movements. Training should be enjoyable, so you look forward to your workout, and you are more likely to stick to it, and get results.

It is important to have realistic expectations. If you are new to structured training and diet you will probably make good progress at the start. You may even experience recomposition; where you lose body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time! However, as this process slows down (the less you have to change, the less drastic your changes will be) try not lose motivation! Adding lean muscle mass takes time, just as losing body fat does, so be patient and consistent!!

Those who have been training for a little while may have experienced a plateau or their training would have been suspended for some reason or another; injury, personal life commitments etc. Either way, we cannot predict what may happen or be demanded of us, so it is just as important to set short term goals as it is long term ones.

Fitness is simple. Consistency is the challenge.
Give yourself time, plan ahead, set goals and enjoy your fitness.

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