Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Being in the right mindset goes a long way when wanting to achieve that perfect physique but there are also certain things you must also do to ensure that you stay in the right mindset.

Throughout the journey, you will face challenges and barriers when trying to achieve the perfect physique. First and foremost you must set out SHORT and LONG term goals. SHORT term can be a goal you want to attain on a weekly basis and LONG term can be every 6 months.


  • SHORT – Lose/gain 0.5kg per week
  • LONG – Reach a certain weight by the 6 month mark


Ensure you have these goals written down or saved somewhere, so that you are constantly reminded of what you need to do to reach them! Save it in your phone, computer, personal diary etc. You are in control of your destiny and it is entirely up you to make sure that you stay on track to reach your goals! I had plenty of challenges throughout my life when I started training and dieting but I set out goals and I challenged myself. I never gave up, I always gave it my best shot and still do today! Throughout all the ups and downs, I remained POSITIVE.

Stay POSITIVE, be ACTIVE, ignore the naysayers and take control of your LIFE! You only live it once, so make the most of it and live your life with a positive attitude and positive mindset. Smash the challenges, break the barriers down and don’t let anyone bring you down! Having short and long term goals will help you reach your full potential and make you feel like you can do anything!


All you have to do is START!

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