August 2016

The Secret to Getting Results

Want to know the secret to getting results?!     CONSISTENCY. Yep. That’s it right there. That’s your ‘magic pill’ or ‘secret recipe’ to getting the results you have always wanted. Many people think they are consistent, when they’re not. When the progress they desire doesn’t come about, they will look elsewhere to blame. And this is where we see fad diets and short- term trendy ways of training protocols. A great place to start is writing down everything. Your...

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Mind Over Matter

Being in the right mindset goes a long way when wanting to achieve that perfect physique but there are also certain things you must also do to ensure that you stay in the right mindset. Throughout the journey, you will face challenges and barriers when trying to achieve the perfect physique. First and foremost you must set out SHORT and LONG term goals. SHORT term can be a goal you want to attain on a weekly basis and LONG term...

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Am I Training Shoulders the right way to make them grow?

Deltoids can be really difficult to grow for some people and others they just seem to hang off. Part of this is always going to be a genetic disposition but that doesn’t mean we can improve them regardless of this.  For example, rep range & tempo is crucial, especially the eccentric/negative phase of the movements. I often see people just banging away with no control or contraction of the muscle.  What’s the alternative? Try lowering the weight slightly and ensuring...

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