Sarah Allen

IFBB Bikini Professional Athlete

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Interview with Sarah Allen

10 August 2015

How did you first get started as a Bikini Athlete?

I started doing a lot of photoshoots for magazines etc and thought why not intergrate my phsique in a sport that can reach higher potential. My first competition was in 2011, where I realised I had the desire to become an IFBB Professional.

What’s your current training and nutrition program?

I currently train under the expert eye of Kim Oddo (Oddo’s Angels), who helped me come into my first Professional show. Kim has also changed the way I look at my training and nutritional values when prepping for my pro shows. My Training program consists of a lot of cardio morning and night. I love doing weights however due to my muscle mass already, as a bikini athlete we cannot have too much rounded muscle bellies. My contest diet consists of a lot of Fish and Greens as I am getting ready for a show. When I am not in contest mode I love eating a stable diet of chicken, rice and plenty of coloured vegetables which I order using Fitness Meals’s Customisable meal planner.

What do you do when you’re not training?

I pretty much live a fitness lifestyle (Eat, Sleep, Train) and of course working with my wonderful online clients to help them achieve their results. I also love having quality time with my son Michael who is my world and means everything to me.

How does Fitness Meals fit into your program?

Because of their variety of clean food options I am able to make Fitness Meals work into my program no matter what my training goals are or where I am in my preperation for my competitions or photoshoots.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Thai Food, A Full Rack of Ribs and of course Ice-Cream.

What do you do to stay motivated?

I set myself smaller goals such as; photoshoots, appearing for events or activities. I like to try new things such as yoga, and various forms of outdoor training with motivated people around me.

Tell us about your journey of becoming an Ifbb Professional Athlete?

To be a professional athlete you have to go to an area in your phsycial and mental state where it is uncomfortable, If it was easy everyone would be a professional athlete.

I find myself consistanly improving after each show, by recieveing feedback and accepting constructive critisism and using this to my advantage.

Knowing from the beginning that a career in this sport cannot be rushed, its better to enjoy the journey and learn from the more experienced Pro’s.

Who do you admire or follow?

Nathalia Melo: I have been a fan for a very long time, and she still has the best booty in the industry.

PJ Braun and Celeste Braun:  A Fit couple who shows that relationships and fitness can work together and be powerful.



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