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Interview with Renae Marcevski

November 4th, 2015

Renae Marcevski, age 22 

Pick up Location - Aussie Supplements, Wollongong 

What goals did you set for yourself?

My goal at first was to lose 10kgs & stay committed at least 5 times a week at the gym before or after work.

My main goal was to break through the "plateau" stage. When I knew I got to that - losing about 5kgs, I continued to eat clean & exercise. I always found it difficult to just trust the process & I set myself that goal to trust it & keep going.

What Meal Plans did you order?

I usually order the Lite 200g 18 Meal Plan. 100g - Chicken Breast, Lean meat balls, Butter chicken & Tandoori Chicken all with Greens or Sweet potato.

What was your favourite meal?

Tandoori Chicken with Greens

Did you find the meals convenient to prepare?

Definitely! Meal prepping has always been a struggle for me as I work a lot & we all eat differently at home, so It was awesome to just whack it in the microwave, no mess & far less time consuming.

Did you face any obstacles or have trouble staying motivated during your transformation?

Of course, it's an on-going challenge, especially mentally! Your mind is over-thinking constantly & being on such a low carb diet at times it was hard to stay positive.

What type of support did you get from your gym?

My gym is amazing, I go to Anytime Fitness Unanderra, and they’re friendly & very helpful. I also got so much support from Jeremy McLay who taught me everything I need to know about food, training & supplements, He was/is my rock - wouldn't of been able to believe in myself if it wasn't for he's presence through it all.

What’s your favourite sport?


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