Lisa King from Anytime Fitness, Chelsea, VIC

Natural Bodybuilder Competitor

Interview with Lisa King

22 August 2014

It’s surreal.  You’re in a bikini and you’re being judged.  The lights are shining; the music is blaring and you can’t see anyone.  It feels like you’re up there for 20 years but it’s about 10 minutes.  It is the biggest adrenalin rush.

What competitions are you competing in?

I’ll be competing in the Bikini INBA competition on September 14.  All my friends and family will be there.   I’m then working towards the Arnold Classic in March 2015.

How did you first get interested in becoming a Bikini competitor?

I’m a Personal Trainer (PT) and I usually work in the mornings and evenings, but had free time during the day.  I was a PT with a good body, but I’ve always been small so I spent time doing a lot of weights.  Some of my guy friends suggested I should compete.  I went to a seminar and realised this is what I was meant to do.  I wanted to show that I could be more than a standard PT – that I can be more, do more.

What is your training program like?

Last year, I entered an ANB Bikini competition and placed 2nd.  I learnt that I lost by one point because of my posing.  I’m bad at posing; my posing is horrible so it cost me.  This year I’m taking a different approach.

I’m being a lot more selfish.  I’m not going out and have chopped my social life in half.  I’m not drinking or socialising so I don’t stay out late and don’t miss sleeping properly.  All I can think about is comp.

I am training hard, so hard.  I can’t waste any time.  I was actually just doing a Hula Hoop workout.  Because I’m a wog, I have big hips and waist; also I’m 31 so Hula Hoop is great.  I do it everyday for 10 minutes.

I have a coach Karen Flaherty.  She has a world title in Figure.  I have a favourite gym, Freeway Doveton, but haven’t been going there lately.  I train with my coach or in my garage gym.  I train 3.5 hours every day, and do a lot of cardio.

How does Fitness Meals fit into your training program?

To be a Bikini competitor, you need to be lean.   I went to a Muy Thai camp for 6 weeks and had bulked up.  That wasn’t what I needed so I have lost 5 kilos.  I was getting Lite ‘n Easy, but it wasn’t enough protein and had too much sugar.   I am always hungry because I do so much training, but the meals from Fitness Meals taste satisfying and have a good variety.  They are just what I need.  I have a 6 am breakfast of egg whites and a palm of oats, and then a FM meal every 3 hours.

What’s your regular weekly FM order?

I used to get the 4 meals per day Meal Plan with carbs but I have now cut back to 3 meals per day with vegies.  I don’t order the sauce but sometimes I use 1 or 2 squirts of BBQ sauce.  I really like the Lamb Chipolatas.  The Tandoori Chicken is also a score as it has a bit more flavour.

I go to Anytime Fitness Chelsea to pick up my box each week.  It’s an easy pick-up and only 25 minutes away.

How do you stay motivated?

I remember how far backwards I went last time, and knowing how hard it is to get back into shape.  I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder.  I want to keep improving – the INBA comp will be hard but then the Arnold Classic will be even harder.  I need to make sure that I will be considered a challenger.

It does sometimes feel like too much pressure but I try not to get upset.  I remember my training memes and I call my coach a lot for support. 

What advice would you give to other people interested in competing?

When I first started, I trained for the Fitness category, but I was too feminine so fell into the Bikini category.  My advice would be to find your niche and stick to it; don’t alter it. 

You need to speak to people who have competed and have been on stage before.  You should stay in contact with as many people as possible to get advice and do a lot of workshops.  These people know what it is like – they know that you have to go beyond what is the normal human makeup.  Also, consistency is important, nothing happens overnight. 

What’s it like being on stage?

I’m not sure about other people, but for me, I’m scared as hell. I get shaky and anxious. Nothing prepares you. It’s surreal. You’re in a bikini and you’re being looked at and judged. You’re in shining lights; music blaring and you can’t see anyone. It feels like you’re up there for 20 years but it’s about 10 minutes.

For all that, it’s great; it is the biggest adrenalin rush.

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