FM Transformation Challenge

Interview with Kirsty Dobbs

July 16, 2014

Winner’s Statement/Info

Kirsty Dodds, age 29, Titan Fitness, Coogee

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I was determined to increase my muscle tone and improve my figure. As you can see, I achieved my goal! Thanks to Fitness Meals, I was able to spend more time at the gym and have nutritious meals ready right when I needed them.

What meals did you order?

200 g meal plan with half green veg and half stir-fry veg. I made sure I got the protein and if I wanted some carbs, I would make my own sweet potato or rice on the side. But generally, I had the meal as it was.

What was your favourite meal?

I used to love the meatballs – the chicken balls and mince balls. So did my friends. I still check to see if they are back on the menu. Otherwise, lamb is my favourite, chipolates. I also like the new flavour, the butter chicken. My husband loves the butter chicken too.

What were your transformation goals?

The start of the Transformation Program coincided with my goal to incorporate more strength into my training. I did strength training 4 times per week: 2 x lower body, and 2 x upper body, chest/arms. I also enjoyed cardio workouts and did cardio 5 to 6 times per week.

What support did you get for your training program?

When I started focusing on strength training, I had to teach myself a lot. I used a lot of internet tools and talked to a lot of people. I like because it has a lot of video guides. I also read a lot of fitness blogs from different athletes and sports models.

My gym, Titan Fitness, is a brilliant gym. I didn’t have a personal trainer but the trainers there are always happy to show you how to use the machines and to point you in the right direction. Everyone is always very friendly and welcoming.

How did Fitness Meals fit into your program and/or lifestyle?

My husband and I both work, and he also studies, so we are always very busy. With FM we can spend time working out and then eat when we need, either before or after the gym. It gives us more time to spend at the gym.

How do you prepare your meals?

I like to cook my meals up right. I first heat up the food, put it in a bowl. I then heat up the bowl. I sit down and eat it like a proper meal with a bowl and crockery. It makes extra dishes to clean up but I like to feel like I’m eating a proper meal. There are three girls at work who eat FM and they also serve themselves in a bowl. My husband just likes to eat his out of the container.

What obstacles did you face during the Transformation Challenge? How did you stay motivated?

In the middle of the challenge, we had to shift house. It was very time consuming and exhausting. The last thing you feel like doing is going to the gym. But the challenge kept me accountable. I kept thinking of the photo at the end. MM were so fantastic during this time. Instead of ordering pizza or getting Asian takeaway like you would normally do, I stayed healthy by having MM instead. During the move, I took all the frozen meals to my workplace, and then brought them back home.

What’s your favourite sport?

I’m from SA, where most popular sport is AFL. Since moving to NSW in the past year, I’ve been getting into rugby and support the Manly Seagulls.

Who’s your favourite athlete?

When I was growing up, I was into Iron Men and was a fan of Trevor Hendy. I also admire the tennis players Li Na and Pat Rafter. I also follow the Australian fitness model, Sophie Guidolin.

Where will you go on your holiday?

I’d like to go to Hawaii, but not really sure yet.

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