Darcy Lussick

NRL Player – Parramatta Eels

Interview with Darcy Lussick

4 October 2014

When did you first start eating Fitness Meals?

Last year, Fitness Meals was feeding the Parramatta Eels during pre-season. I liked the meals so started buying them. The best thing about Fitness Meals is how easy it is. I can’t cook and I don’t have much time between training sessions, so I can just grab a meal and throw it in the microwave – and it’s so easy.

What are your diet and nutrition goals?

Last season, I had a big surgery. I had a long time off and put on a lot of weight. My first goal was weight loss and I needed a diet that was portion-controlled. I’ve also found that a lot of injuries are related to diet and not recovering properly. So having the right amount of carbs and proteins is important for recovery and preventing injuries.

What is your training program like?

Right now, I have 6 weeks off to relax. But at the start of November, it’ll be pre- season training. I’ll be training for 6 weeks before Christmas and 8 weeks after. We train every day, all day. It is the most physically demanding part of the year for a rugby player.

How does Fitness Meals fit into your training program?

In rugby training, I use up a lot of energy. I could easily eat 4-5 meals in one sitting, but it’s important not to do this. With the portion-control of Fitness Meals, I can keep on top of what I’m eating.

How do you stay motivated?

At the club, they give you guidelines and there are people you can speak to, but in the end it’s up to you. A lot of people get unstuck, because they don’t stay on top of their diet. In the last couple of years, I’ve found that you can’t eat like you did when you were 19 or 20. For me, diet is the biggest thing. If I’m eating right and at the right time, I know I’ll be at my best. I’ll be sure to be performing the best I can on the field.

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