Adam John Waite

Classic Bodybuilding Champion and Diabetes Australia Ambassador

Pickup location - Vitamin King Merrylands

Interview with Adam Waite

23 April 2015

How did you first get started as a bodybuilder?

It’s funny. My cousin’s PT was a bodybuilder. I met him in his studio about four years ago. Seeing his passion and drive, and seeing what he had achieved and how people looked up to him as a role model inspired me. I started off in my first ANB competition in 2013 and my most recent competition was winning my division at the Arnold Classic Melbourne 2015. I’m now working towards my first overseas competition in 2016.

What’s your current training and nutrition program?

Right now, I’m in post-comp mode. I’m eating 7-8 times per day to increase muscle mass and I’m weight training 5 times per week. Next week, I’ll start my off-season training. This means I’ll increase my food intake and number of calories per meal. I’ll adjust my training program with heavier weights, less repetitions and longer rest periods.

What do you do when you’re not training?

Eating, eating and eating! Also working as a sales rep for Fitness Meals and Vitamin King. And spending time with my Dad, my youngest brother and my girlfriend.

How does Fitness Meals fit into your program?

Fitness Meals helps me to eat consistently. I can eat my 7-8 meals per day without hesitation because it reduces the meal prep. It also helps me to keep track of my macro nutrients. My normal Meal Plan is the Heavy 24 Meals Plan with half carbs and half vegetables. My favourite meals are the beef meatballs with wholemeal pasta and napoli sauce. I also love the new grilled steak with basmati rice and pepper sauce.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

I love Yoghurtland, and also McDonald’s thickshakes and Subway cookies.

What do you do to stay motivated?

I always focus on setting my own personal goals. I set major goals and also minor weekly goals. I try to have a consistent mindset of achieving. For example, making sure I never miss a meal and trying to hit PBs at each gym session.

Tell us about your role as Ambassador for Diabetes Australia.

I was diagnosed at age 12 as a type 1 diabetic. I inject insulin 7-9 times per day. Bodybuilding has made me the healthiest I’ve ever been since I have to watch what I eat and training helps my blood sugars. It has also helped me to inspire other people with disabilities to achieve their goals. My passion has always been about getting the best out of people and if that’s to lead by example, it will be the one thing I’ll be content with in my life.

Who do you admire or follow?

My coach Mike Lee or Mike’s Team. He’s my mentor and helps me to achieve my goals. His knowledge of bodybuilding and his self-less dedication is awesome. When I was younger I played rugby league. I’m a Canterbury Bulldogs fan and Josh Reynold’s is my favourite and a great mate.

Facebook: Adam Waite
Instagram: DiabeticDominator

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