FM Transformation Challenge

Interview with Reginald Lee

July 16, 2014

Winner's Statement/Info

Reggie Bulldozer Lee, age 24, Hurstville Anytime Fitness

It's been a long journey and hard work.  I'm happy with the progress - well down from the beginning with 31% body fat, 120kgs. 

What goals did you set for yourself?

I had been away working for one month before the challenge started. I thought Fitness Meals looked good, and I had a mate who had tried it. He told me there were different meal options and that I should have a look at it. I saw the Transformation Challenge advertisements. I was already planning to do a 3-month program to try to drop a lot of fat without losing any muscle.

I was already training a lot but also drinking a lot so had gained too much weight. I was too heavy.

What Meal Plans did you order?

I ordered the 24 Meals Per Week, half carbs and half veg, plus Breakfast.

What was your favourite meal?

My favourite was the Lamb Sausages but all the meals were pretty good. There was nothing I didn’t like. I’m not a big fan of seafood, not normally big on salmon or barramundi, but they tasted good so that was a bonus.

Did you find the meals convenient to prepare?

Being a male, I of course didn’t read the instructions, and didn’t heat the meals properly the first time. They tasted awful. So then I read the instructions, and started thawing out the meals. After that it went well.

I work out of my truck, working on electricity power lines. I put a microwave on my truck so I can have meals wherever I am.

I had a bit of trouble getting meals when I was sent out to Dubbo for work for two weeks.

Did you face any obstacles or have trouble staying motivated during the Challenge?

It was hard keeping motivated but I have a close friend who kept pushing me. He is fitter than me and he helped keep me motivated.

I used to be a lot heavier, and had already lost 30k. I was determined to stick with the program and kept reminding myself that I didn’t want to go backwards, only want to go forwards.

What type of support did you get from your gym, Anytime Fitness Hurstville?

I workout at the gym 5 times per week, sometimes less if I’m away working. I go to Anytime Fitness in Hurstville, but also AF Rockdale. I also used AF Cooma and AF Ningan when I was travelling.

I have a workout program and I train with different people. At Anytime Fitness, Hurstville, I worked with a great Personal Trainer called Charlie. He kept track of how I was going, by giving me caliper tests and measuring my body fat. He was good at giving me a push and keeping me motivated.

What’s your favourite sport?

Car racing – drifting.

Who’s your favourite athlete?

I like a lot of footballers, especially the Parramatta Eels NRL player, Manu Ma’u.

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